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Chalcedony Necklace

Code: chlj149x_chalcedony-jewelry
Genuine chalcedony necklace with an adjustable length from 17.5" to 18.5" long, available with 4.75mm beads (please see below to order)
Polished from natural chalcedony found in Africa
This beautiful necklace of natural color chalcedony beads was hand-crafted from 100% natural chalcedony that was found in Namibia. This pale grayish blue chalcedony was shaped into rounded, disk shaped beads which were then polished, drilled and strung into this chalcedony necklace with an adjustable length from 17.5 to 18.5 inches long using its sterling silver extender clasp. The photo at left shows a close-up view, see also a full view photo of this natural chalcedony necklace. These are all untreated natural chalcedony beads with no dyes, no fillers, and no epoxies! They are 100% natural chalcedony beads, and when examined closely they show occasional natural pits & inclusions.
We have these chalcedony necklaces available with 74 carats of chalcedony beads measuring 4.75mm in diameter.

Please see below to order.

4.75mm Chalcedony Necklace

Code: chlj149e_chalcedony-jewelry
Price: $114.95


Large Natural Chalcedony Pendant with Iolite

This unique item is sold.
Item: chlj142_chalcedony-jewelry
This genuine chalcedony pendant is 1.9" long x 1.3" wide (49mm x 33mm)
Price: $146.25
This beautiful chalcedony pendant was handcrafted in sterling silver and set with five 9x9mm square cushion shaped cabochon gemstones of natural color grayish chalcedony, and with a larger 13mm round cabochon gemstone of natural color gray-blue chalcedony in the center of the pendant. It will make a wonderful chalcedony necklace!This beautiful pendant is also set with five 6x4mm oval faceted gemstones of natural color blue-purple iolite.

Handcrafted Chalcedony Necklaces in sterling silver and also Chalcedony Bead Necklaces

Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline quartz with microfibrous structure.

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There are many different named chalcedony varieties including agate which is simply banded chalcedony. Jewelry with reddish color chalcedony is known as carnelian jewelry. There are many other named varieties of agate and chalcedony which are usually based on distinctive patterns or colors. Jewelry set with black chalcedony is known as black onyx jewelry. We offer a selection of genuine chalcedony jewelry in handcrafted chalcedony rings, chalcedony necklaces and chalcedony bracelets.

We have superior quality chalcedony necklaces available in bead necklaces and also with chalcedony cabochon gems set in sterling silver.

Our natural chalcedony gemstones are mined at locations around the world including Brazil, Turkey, Montana (USA), India, Africa and Mexico.

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Chalcedony Necklaces

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