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Shungite, Polished Shungite, and Shungite Spheres

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Natural Shungite Polished Specimens

Code: shum101x-shungite-specimens
Polished shungite pieces available in 1.7 inch long and 1.9 inch long specimens, please see below to order
Genuine shungite mined at Karelia, Russia
These natural shungite pieces were discovered in the Lake Onega region of Karelia, Russia. They were roughly ground into rounded shapes and then semi-polished, so they fit very comfortably in the palm of your hand. These make great specimens of genuine shungite just as they are, although they are also very popular for metaphysical uses.

We have these small shungite polished specimens available in two approximate sizes, please see below to order.

1.7 inch Polished Shungite Specimens

Code: shum101a1p7-shungite
Price: $18.95

1.9 inch Polished Shungite Specimens

Code: shum101a1p9-shungite
Price: $21.95

Natural Shungite Polished Specimen

This unique item is sold.
Code: shum111-shungite-specimen
Genuine shungite specimen weighs 1.1 Lb
Polished shungite piece measuring 3.4 inches long x 2.7 inches x 2.2 inches
Genuine shungite mined at Karelia, Russia
Price: $74.50
This natural shungite specimen was discovered in the Lake Onega region of Karelia, Russia. It was hand-ground into a rounded shape with no sharp edges and then semi-polished so it is comfortable to handle. It makes a great specimen of genuine shungite just as it is, although shungite pieces that are rounded and semi-polished like this are also very popular for metaphysical uses.

6 inch Shungite Sphere

This unique item is sold.
Code: shus105-shungite-sphere
Genuine shungite sphere weighing 8.9 pounds
Large shungite sphere measuring 6 inches in diameter
Handcrafted from authentic shungite mined at Karelia, Russia
Price: $482.25
This rare size shungite sphere measures 6 inches in diameter! It was roughly ground by hand into a spherical shape and then semi-polished from natural shungite rough discovered in the Lake Onega region of Karelia, Russia.

Our Shungite is Natural Untreated Shungite!

We also carry an assortment of stands for small & medium sized shungite spheres.

Each of our Shungite items is 100% natural Shungite Coal, mined at Karelia, Russia.

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Shungite is a rare type of natural coal containing fullerene molecules. The fullerene molecules in shungite are composed of elemental carbon atoms arranged in an unusual molecular framework resembling a hollow geodesic dome, similar to the structures used in the works of the famous architect Buckminster Fuller, and after whom this unique "fullerene" structure is named.

Natural shungite is found only at Karelia, Russia. Shungite was named after the small village of Shunga where it was first discovered in the Lake Onega region of Karelia. The fullerene molecules found in shungite coal are extremely rare in nature, and these fullerene molecules do not exist in any other coals.

Shungite has become very popular for metaphysical use as an aid in healing a variety of ailments, for water treatments, and for use in protection from electromagnetic fields.

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