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Goshenite Jewelry
(colorless beryl jewelry)

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8.1 Carat Colorless Aquamarine Pendant in Sterling Silver

Code: aquj558_aquamarine-jewelry
Natural untreated aquamarine pendant with a faceted gem weighing 8.1 carats
This aquamarine pendant measures 1.2" long x 0.5" wide (30x12mm)
With a natural aquamarine gemstone found in Brazil
Price: $225.00
This unique aquamarine pendant was handcrafted in fine 925 sterling silver. See a side view showing the handcrafted setting of this very brilliant colorless aquamarine necklace. It is set with a 13x11mm faceted gem of natural colorless aquamarine weighing 8.1 carats. This colorless aquamarine gem is unheated and untreated. This lightly included gem faces up very clean with some faint natural inclusions visible under closer inspection. It is well faceted with good brilliance. This beautiful aquamarine pendant is displayed on an 18" long sterling silver necklace that will be included with the pendant at no extra charge.

Large Sterling Silver Colorless Aquamarine Earrings

This unique item is sold.
Item: aquj483_aquamarine-earrings
Natural aquamarine earrings with gems weighing 9.50 carats total weight
These colorless aquamarine earrings are set with 14x10mm pear shape gems
Faceted from natural colorless aquamarine crystals found in Brazil
Price: $346.25 (for the pair)
This unique pair of 925 sterling silver dangle style aquamarine earrings is set with natural colorless aquamarine gemstones - these genuine aquamarine gems are both unheated and untreated. Colorless aquamarine is also known as goshenite. This pear shape aquamarine jewelry design is set with natural aquamarine gems that weigh 4.75 carats each (9.5 carats total weight). These beautiful aquamarine gemstones face up clean, and under very close inspection they show just a few faint natural inclusions. See also another view of these natural colorless aquamarine earrings.

Aquamarine Multi-color Bead Necklace

Item: aquj112x_aquamarine-necklace
64 carats total weight of natural multi-color aquamarine beads
This 18 inch multi-color aquamarine necklace is available with 4.5mm beads
Price: $131.25
This multi-color beryl necklace was made from all natural color beryls! There actually are several beryl varieties present in this necklace: aquamarine (blue-green), morganite (rose-pink), goshenite (colorless), and heliodor (golden-yellow). Each of the beads was hand-ground & faceted, and then drilled & strung into this genuine multi-color faceted beryl necklace and then fit with a sterling silver clasp. The photo at left shows a close-up view. See also a full view photo of this natural aquamarine necklace. The transparent beads are lightly included to eye-clean, and we have this beautiful aquamarine necklace available with 4.5mm diameter beads.
4.5mm Aquamarine Multi-color Bead Necklace
Temporarily out of stock, please come back later.
Item: aquj112xi_aquamarine-necklace
Price: $112.25

7.5mm Aquamarine Multi-color Bead Necklace
Temporarily out of stock, please come back later.
Item: aquj112ae_aquamarine-necklace
Price: $311.95


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