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Fossil Spheres and Fossil Eggs

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Fossil Bearing Limestone Sphere

Code: foss105
This genuine fossil bearing limestone sphere weighs 1.8 pounds
This fossil sphere measures 3.3" in diameter
Price: $122.50
This natural fossil sphere was hand-ground with an uneven surface and then polished from a single block of natural fossil bearing limestone. This beautiful decorator sphere has white fossils exposed on its front surface as shown in a black limestone matrix.

Fossilized Ammonite Egg

Item: cals157
3.5" tall x 2.4" wide
handcrafetd from rough discovered in Madagascar
Price: $92.50
This egg of fossilized ammonite in calcite has very rich golden-orange to deep honey-amber natural color calcite filling in the spaces between the fossilized ammonite shells. The photo at left is viewed under a single incandescent light.

6.7 inch Petrified Wood Sphere!

Item: pwds111
Natural color petrified wood sphere weighs 14.9 Lbs
Petrified Wood Sphere Dimensions: 6.7" in diameter (170mm)
Discovered in Madagascar
Price: $1345.00
This rare size sphere was handcrafted from a fossilized araucaria tree section with beautiful natural patterns and colors in shades of red, brown, white, gray and lavender.
This petrified wood sphere was once part of a living tree in what is now Madagascar. The tree was eventually buried in sediments where over time it was replaced by silica (commonly referred to as being fossilized or petrified). See also a back-view photo.

We also carry an assortment of stands for small & medium sized spheres and eggs.

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