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Zircon Faceting Rough

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Natural Zircon Crystal, 544.2 carats

This unique item is sold.
Code: zirm112
Genuine zircon crystal weighs 544.2 carats (108.84 grams)
Zircon Crystal Specimen Dimensions: 1.8" x 1.25" x 1.1"
Mined in Tanzania
Price: $544.20
This natural zircon mineral specimen was mined in Tanzania. This mostly terminated zircon crystal is semi-transparent with some small gem grade areas exposed around its surfaces, and most likely has some larger gem grade areas inside. It has dark brown natural color showing some red-pink hues under bright light. See another view of this natural zircon crystal specimen. See also another view of this natural zircon specimen.

Natural Zircon Crystal, 3650 carats!

This unique item is sold.
Code: zirm113
Natural color zircon crystal weighs 3650 carats (1.6Lbs!)
Zircon Crystal Specimen Dimensions: 3.6" x 2.9" x 2"
Mined in Tanzania
Price: $3004.00
gem-grade zircon crystal held to a light. See another view of this large zircon crystal. See also another view of this large zircon mineral specimen.

Our Zircon Facet Rough Pieces & Gem Grade Crystals are 100% Natural Untreated Zircons that formed inside the Earth!

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Zircon Crystals

Our zircon gem grade crystals and facet grade roughs were mined in Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Some of our zircon crystals have gem-grade areas inside. We have genuine zircon gemstones that were faceted from natural zircon crystals mined in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and in East Africa. Our zircon gemstones range in color from colorless (white zircon) to blue, green, orange, red, yellow and brown!

Zircon Jewelry Zircon Earrings

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Zircon Crystals & Zircon Mineral Specimens

Zircon crystals have a relatively high specific gravity, which means that they are heavier than many other minerals. Zircon is also very stable chemically, and as a result it remains relatively inert in sediments, where it is commonly found with other heavy minerals. Zircon crystals can have very brilliant adamantine luster.

When zircon gemstones are properly cut, they have truly amazing brilliance with even higher disperion than diamond! This is one reason why zircon gems are so popular when set into zircon earrings, because they sparkle like diamonds! Zircon jewelry is the traditional birthstone jewelry gift for December birthdays.

Zircon Necklace Blue Zircon Jewelry


The mineral zircon forms in the earth in a variety of natural colors including brown, yellow, green, red, and colorless, as well as many wonderful combinations of these colors - one example is the popular champagne zircons with pink-orange-brown shades.

Zircon Mineral Specimens & Crystals

We have additional stock of genuine Zircon Mineral Specimens from a variety of different localities. Some of our zircon crystals actually have gem grade areas inside and could be used as facet rough to yield beautiful zircon gemstones! We have a variety of different colors of genuine zircon gems that are set in 14k gold pendants. We also have some matched pairs of zircon gems that have been set into genuine zircon earrings.

Zircon gems can have shades of blue, green, brown, red, yellow, orange and colorless (also known as white zircon).The most well known zircon gemstone color is the beautiful blue zircon gems. Some of the natural color brown zircon gemstones will change color to a wonderful shade of Carribean blue color when heated carefully.

We have many different zircon jewelry designs available (including zircon necklaces) with a variety of zircon gemstone colors including yellow zircon jewelry, brown zircon jewelry & green zircon jewelry.

We specialize in collector quality genuine zircon gems and jewelry items!

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Zircon Gem Grade Crystals & Facet Rough & other Genuine Zircon Products in our Online Store

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Blue Zircon Jewelry in 14k Gold

We do have additional zircon crystals and zircon mineral specimens in stock.

Some of our natural zircon mineral specimens and crystals also have gem-grade areas inside and can be used as natural zircon gem-faceting rough!

Be sure to let us know if you have any genuine zircon requests.

Zircon Products for Sale

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Facet Rough

We have facet grade gem rough (or gem-grade crystals) in stock for each of the following natural materials:

Zircon Gem Grade Crystals & Facet Rough

Would you like us to inform you when we add on this page more facet grade natural zircon rough? We have natural color orange and brown zircon gems, natural color gold zircon gemstones, natural color yellow zircon gems from Sri lanka (Ceylon), and rare natural color green zircon gems and red zircon gems from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), as well as the beautiful heated Caribbean blue natural zircon gems.
We also have a natural zircon gemstone jewelry items in stock, so be sure to let us know if you have any genuine zircon special requests.

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