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Hiddenite Spectacular Items
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4.5 Lb. Green Kunzite (hiddenite) Crystal

Code: hidm110
This genuine kunzite crystal weighs 2038 grams (4.5 pounds)
Green kunzite crystal measurements: 8.3" long x 3.0" x 2.1" (21.1cm x 7.6cm x 5.3cm)
Mined in Gilgit, Pakistan
Price: $9171.00
This very rare size & fine quality green kunzite crystal (also known as hiddenite) weighs 4.5 pounds! It is unheated and untreated. This spodumene is actually is bi-color, having very intense golden-lime color at one end with deep green color at the opposite end (100% natural colors), and it has large areas with superb transparency as shown in the photo at left, with many facet-grade areas in its interior. This spectacular golden-green spodumene crystal is also naturally terminated at each end (referred to as being bi-terminated). See also an opposite side view.

4 inch Natural Pink and Green Kunzite Crystal

Code: kunm377
Natural color kunzite crystal weighs 838.5 carats (167.7 grams)
This genuine kunzite crystal is 4" long x 1.8" x 1"
Found at Nooristan, Afghanistan
Price: $419.25
This unique kunzite crystal has areas showing both light pink and green natural colors. It is unheated and untreated. It is transparent with some gem grade areas inside.

5.2 inch Yellow Kunzite Crystal

Code: kunm370
Kunzite specimen weighing 1615 carats (323 grams)
This natural color kunzite crystal is 5.2" long x 1.6" x 1.2"
This genuine kunzite was found by local miners in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Price: $463.42
This kunzite specimen is a naturally terminated transparent kunzite crystal with greenish yellow natural color. It is unheated and untreated. The photo at left shows a close-up of the naturally terminated tip, see also a full view photo of this natural yellow kunzite crystal.

5130 carat Tri-Color Kunzite Crystal Specimen!

Code: kunm395
Natural color kunzite crystal weighs 5130 carats (1026 grams)
This kunzite crystal is 6.7" long x 3.1" x 1.8"
This genuine kunzite was found in 2003 at Nooristan, Afghanistan
Price: $2458.00
This large size kunzite crystal specimen weighs 2.25 pounds! It is unheated and untreated. It is a natural color kunzite crystal (kunzite is a variety of the mineral spodumene) with areas showing light pink color, golden-yellow color, and light green color! The photo at left is a back-lit view. See also a front lit view of this spodumene crystal specimen. This specimen is naturally bi-terminated with terminations in good condition. It is semi-transparent to transparent with several gem grade areas inside. There is a 1.5 inch long partially terminated quartz intergrown on the opposite side! See a back lit view of the opposite side of this natural tri-color kunzite crystal. See also another view of this tri-color kunzite specimen.

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