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Alexandrite Facet Rough
(the rare, color-change chrysoberyl variety)

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Gem-Grade Natural Alexandrite Crystal

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Code: alxm230
Alexandrite specimen weighs 3.84 carats
Alexandrite Dimensions: 0.4" x 0.3" x 0.2"
Mined in Bahia, Brazil
Price: $218.95
This small size naturally terminated alexandrite crystal has facet grade transparency at its tip where it would yield a very small lightly included gemstone. It exhibits natural deep red color at the crystal tip when viewed with strong incandescent light. See a back-lit photo using incandescent light to show the fine deep red color in this gem-grade natural alexandrite crystal.

Color Change Twinned Alexandrite Crystals in Matrix

Code: alxm243
Alexandrite in matrix specimen weighs 0.1 Lbs
Alexandrite Twin Specimen Dimensions: 1.4" x 1.3" x 0.9"
Mined in Bahia, Brazil
Price: $1295.00
This alexandrite in matrix mineral specimen exhibits a multiple twinned alexandrite crystal with small gem-grade areas inside! It would yield a couple of small lightly included gemstones. The alexandrite twins are naturally terminated with terminations in good condition. The alexandrite is translucent to semi-transparent with dark green color under daylight, and it exhibits natural red color in some areas as shown at left when viewed with strong incandescent light. See also a back-lit view using incandescent light of the opposite side of these natural color change twinned alexandrite crystals. See also a daylight photo of these twinned alexandrite crystals in matrix.

Large Natural Alexandrite Crystal

Code: alxm238
Alexandrite specimen weighs 61.3 carats
Alexandrite Dimensions: 1.15" x 0.9" x 0.5"
Mined in Bahia, Brazil
Price: $2450.00
This naturally terminated alexandrite crystal has dark green natural color under daylight. It is translucent to semi-transparent with some small gem grade areas inside. All surfaces are natural - some are naturally terminated and some are broken. See also an opposite side view of this large alexandrite crystal. The alexandrite exhibits natural deep red color when viewed with strong incandescent light. This natural alexandrite crystal makes a very nice color-change chrysoberyl mineral specimen! See a back-lit photo using incandescent light to show the fine deep red color in this rare size large natural alexandrite crystal. See an additional back-lit incandescent light photo of this large natural alexandrite crystal.

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Alexandrite Gemstone Natural Alexandrite Mineral Specimens

Alexandrite is the rare color change variety of the mineral chrysoberyl. Chrysoberyl can also form with microscopic tube-like natural inclusions that create a chatoyant effect when light shines on it. When chatoyant chysoberyl is properly oriented and cut into cabochon gemstones with a rounded upper surface, this chatoyancy is visible as a bright line passing back and forth over the surface of the gem, and it is popularly known as cats eye chrysoberyl. When a cats eye chrysoberyl gem also shows a natural color change from green under daylight to reddish hues under incandescent light, then it is known as a cats eye alexandrite gemstone. See also our natural cats eye alexandrite jewelry.

We have pages displaying all of our natural alexandrite jewelry (genuine alexandrite jewelry), and our natural chrysoberyl cats eye gemstones.

Facet Rough

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Each one of our alexandrites is a completely natural untreated genuine alexandrite! Here at, we do not have any lab-created alexandrites, and we do not have any treated alexandrites! We specialize in genuine alexandrite gemstones. We have alexandrite gemstones available as both faceted alexandrite gemstones and as cabochon alexandrite gemstones. Our faceted alexandrite gemstones are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for use in jewelry and also for rare gemstone collections.

Below you will find links & information for natural alexandrite, including alexandrite crystals, alexandrite gemstones, and a variety of alexandrite jewelry items. See also our page displaying Natural Chrysoberyl Cats Eye Jewelry.

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Facts & Information

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Each of our alexandrite jewelry designs is a hand crafted design. We have a large variety of genuine alexandrite jewelry designs available:

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