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Almandine Garnet Gemstones
(almandite garnet)

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7.4mm Red Garnet Gemstone

Code: mozg101aa-red-garnet-gemstone
This natural color red garnet gemstone weighs 1.97 carats
Red Garnet Gemstone Dimensions: 7.4mm round cut x 4.6mm deep
Faceted from a natural Mozambique garnet crystal
Price: $76.50
This beautiful Mozambique garnet gemstone has dark red natural color; it is unheated and untreated. This dark red garnet gemstone appears almost black under some lights, with deep red flashes in its depths. This superior grade Mozambique garnet gemstone is completely eye clean even under close inspection (GIA: Type I, VS), and it is well cut. See also a side view photo of this natural red garnet gemstone.

Violet-Purple Garnet Gems, over 1.4 carats each , sold individually

Code: almg104r
Over 1.4 carats each
Approx. 8.0mm x 6.0mm
Shape: Oval-shape
Mined in East Africa
Price: $35.00 each gem
These gems were faceted from natural almandine type garnet crystals with beautiful violet-purple (grape like) color showing rich reddish purple overtones. They have very faint natural inclusions that are only visible upon very close inspection, which guarantee the natural origin of these faceted gems. They are very closely matched in color and size. Our miner's price for these natural color violet-purple garnet gems is $35.00 each

Our Almandine Garnet Gemstones are 100% natural with no treatments of any kind!

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Almandine Garnet Information

Information about genuine garnet and its history, physical properties, chemistry, occurance, and metaphysical uses is displayed on our garnet information page.

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