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Green Aventurine Spectacular Items
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Green Aventurine Quartz Rough

This unique item is sold.
Item: avgl104
33.8Lbs (15.4kg)
13.5" x 12" x 6"
(34cm x 30cm x 15cm)
Price: $67.60
This piece of natural color aventurine quartz has beautiful medium-dark green color. It is suitable as a mineral specimen or a decoration piece just as it is, or it would also make beautiful lapidary items such a sphere of approximately 4.5" in diameter or book-ends, cabochons, sculptures, etc.. It's strong green color is visible both when wet or when dry, although the color becomes deeper green when polished or wet (the photo at left was taken while wet). This green aventurine quartz also is ideal for use in fountains, aquariums, waterfalls and other landscaping projects due to the intense green color of this rough when wet or when polished. It looks beautiful when used for these purposes together with our natural color blue aventurine quartz.

13.2 inch Green Aventurine Massage Wand!

This unique item is sold.
Item: avgh107
2.0 Lbs
13.2" long x 1.85"
(35cm x 4.8cm)
Price: $134.50
This unusually large massage wand was hand-carved in natural color green aventurine quartz. It measures 13.2 inches long and weighs 2 pounds!

22 pound Green Quartz Sphere!

This unique item is sold.
Item: avgs104
22 Lbs (10kgs)
7.5" diameter (191mm)
Price: $834.25
This natural color deep green aventurine quartz sphere has very rich green color which is due to microscopic grains of green mica (variety: Fuchsite mica) within the quartzite matrix. This spectacular sphere also has several bands of beautiful golden pyrite within the green quartz (see the golden pyrite layers visible as golden bands around the surface of the sphere in the photo at left). See also a close-up of some pyrite flecks in this spectacular 22 pound green aventurine quartz sphere. It would make a wonderful decorator specimen for the home or the office!

We also carry an assortment of stands for small & medium sized spheres and mineral specimens.
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